100% SILK
Notes on Fabric

February 25 - March 31

The garments in this show were fashioned using techniques dating back to a period when the pace of work and passage of time were secondary to creating a powerful object.

Over the past year I have been lucky to design and create fabric with two incredible craftsmen. Baba Issaka is a second-generation Asafo flagmaker from Swedru, Ghana and a true master of image-making through appliquéing cotton on silk by hand. Mirshod is a gold embroiderer (zarduz) from Uzbekistan who carries on a 7th century tradition of arranging metal threads on fabric and couching them with cotton thread.

Notes on Fabric is a way to connect my aesthetic considerations to the cloth makers, their traditions and the densely visual environments in which the material is made.

Pieces made with textiles appliqued by Baba Issaka
- bomber
- apron dress
- cupcake dress
- jersey

Pieces made with textiles embroidered by Mirshod
- cowboy shirt
- coke blazer
- red dress

- Fruit stand custom made for Dave by Hussein Abu Bakar
- Gucci bags from a market in Uzbekistan
- handwoven striped fabric from Uzbekistan


Baba Issaka


Images by Lee Dekel, Jonathon Dekel, Wills Brewer, Sean MacAlister, and Katy Shayne