Malcolm Mooney and Doyle Lane
Kewanee Street

Leighton Art Centre, Millarville, AB.
organized by: u’s
april 6 - june 2, 2024
opening reception: saturday, april 13, 1-4pm (remarks at 2)

Portrait of Doyle Lane by Malcolm Mooney. circa 1985-86

An excerpt of a conversation between Malcolm Mooney and u in September, 2023 from memory:

u: … When you lived in Los Angeles, you lived in El Sereno right?

Malcolm Mooney: Yeah, that’s right.

u: Did you know Doyle Lane by any chance?

Malcolm Mooney: He was my neighbor.

u: Holy crap! No way?! On Kewanee Street?

Malcolm Mooney: Yeah, on Kewanee Street.

Thanks to Mamie~Louise Anderson for generously loaning works from her collection and Ricky Swallow for his curation of Doyle Lane’s work and his support of this exhibition.