production still from Super 8 ½ - Bruce LaBruce, 1994

november 15, 2022 - march 15, 2023

Aimee Goguen
Adam Revington and Caleb Dunham
Barry Doupé
Bruce LaBruce
Cindy Lee
Darya Diamond 
D. Hoffos
Maebe A. Girl
Maggie Lee
seth cardinal dodginghorse 

Sparkle is a group exhibition unfolding over four months that can be visited in-person or online.

between november 15 and december 15, Sparkle is a hotel room in Black Diamond where you are invited to stay the night and encounter the works at your own pace.

between december 15 and march 15, Sparkle is a private website where you are invited to visit for a 24-hour period where you can be alone with the works.

both the in-person and online portions of Sparkle are free of any charge for guests. to book your stay in the hotel or to reserve your time slot online, please email us 1-3 possible dates and we will follow up with you to confirm. please email us if you have any questions.


Aimee Goguen, Hosing, Hi-8 on SD video, 4:44, 2015. Subject: Alison Peery

Adam Revington and Caleb Dunham, Human Comedy, 59:59, 2022

Barry Doupé, Distracted Blueberry, computer animation, 4:33:00, 2019

Bruce LaBruce, super 8 ½, 1:44:49, 1994

Cindy Lee, i Don’t want to fall in love again, music video, 4:14, 2020. Directed by: Phil Osborne at Realistik Studios

Darya Diamond, judgment proof, 11:48, 2020 

D. Hoffos, Still Life with Rotting Fruit, 16mm film transfer, 12:58 (looping), 1996.*

Maebe A. Girl, McRib, 6:15, 2019

Maggie Lee, Video Salad 19, 2:54, 2009 - 2011

seth cardinal dodginghorse, Nisguya Chu (Underneath/Near the Ground), 8mm video, 7:07, 2020

u’s would like to gratefully acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for their financial support of this project and *the Alberta Foundation for the Arts who owns the complete D. Hoffos installation.