production still from Super 8 ½ - Bruce LaBruce, 1994

november 15, 2022 - march 15, 2023

Aimee Goguen
Adam Revington and Caleb Dunham
Barry Doupé
Bruce LaBruce
Cindy Lee
Darya Diamond 
D. Hoffos
Maebe A. Girl
Maggie Lee
seth cardinal dodginghorse 

Sparkle is a group exhibition unfolding over four months that can be visited in-person or online.

between november 15 and december 15, Sparkle is a hotel room in Black Diamond where you are invited to stay the night and encounter the works at your own pace.

between december 15 and march 15, Sparkle is a private website where you are invited to visit for a 24-hour period where you can be alone with the works.

both the in-person and online portions of Sparkle are free of any charge for guests. to book your stay in the hotel or to reserve your time slot online, please email us 1-3 possible dates and we will follow up with you to confirm. please email us if you have any questions.


u’s would like to gratefully acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for their financial support of this project.