production still from Super 8 ½ - Bruce LaBruce, 1994

Aimee Goguen
Cindy Lee
Darya Diamond 
Adam Revington and Caleb Dunham 
Barry Doupé
Maebe A. Girl
D. Hoffos
Bruce LaBruce
Maggie Lee
seth cardinal dodginghorse

between november 15 and december 15, Sparkle was a hotel room in Black Diamond. 

between december 15 and march 15, Sparkle is a private website.

u’s would like to gratefully acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts for their financial support of this project and *the Alberta Foundation for the Arts who owns the complete D. Hoffos installation.

Holding the Devils Hand - Public Parking (review by Kerry Maguire)

Aimee Goguen, Hosing, Hi-8 on SD video, 4:44, 2015. Subject: Alison Peery

Adam Revington and Caleb Dunham, Human Comedy, 59:59, 2022

Barry Doupé, Distracted Blueberry, computer animation, 4:33:00, 2019

Bruce LaBruce, super 8 ½, 1:44:49, 1994

Cindy Lee, i Don’t want to fall in love again, music video, 4:14, 2020. Directed by: Phil Osborne at Realistik Studios

Darya Diamond, judgment proof, 11:48, 2020 

D. Hoffos, Still Life with Rotting Fruit, 16mm film transfer, 12:58 (looping), 1996.*

Maebe A. Girl, McRib, 6:15, 2019

Maggie Lee, Video Salad 19, 2:54, 2009 - 2011

seth cardinal dodginghorse, Nisguya Chu (Underneath/Near the Ground), 8mm video, 7:07, 2020